By Mr L. - Biggleswade on 30/03/2017

“The gutter cleaning service provided by Drain Doctor Bedford and Milton Keynes keeps our gutters in great condition. This was their second annual visit and I have already booked a visit for next year.”

Mr L. - Biggleswade

Since introducing our “Guttervac” gutter cleaning service at Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes Plumbing and Drainage in 2016 our customers have been incredibly positive in their feedback.

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes customer Mr L of Biggleswade was so pleased with the speed and efficiency of the first gutter clean we carried out that he has just booked his third appointment for next year.

Gutter cleaning was always perceived to be a laborious task involving ladders and costly scaffolding towers, or even elevated platforms in some cases. But Guttervac has revolutionised the service that we provide.

Fitted with a 12m telescopic boom, Guttervac can reach the guttering of most 3-4 storey buildings without the need for any extra equipment.

The long boom also means that Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians can reach over single storey buildings such as garages and conservatories to clean the gutters of the main property all from the safety of the ground.

Collecting the waste that it removes from gutters as the clean progresses, Guttervac leaves no mess behind, making the task of keeping gutters clean far quicker to undertake.

In addition to all this, Guttervac is also equipped with a remote control camera, mounted on to the boom, which enables Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians to spot blockages within the gutters and check the condition of the guttering once it is clean.

A further benefit of the camera system is that our customers can see for themselves that the gutter clean has been carried out properly. This also gives them reassurance about the condition of the guttering or proof that remedial work needs to be done.

For further information or to book your next appointment with Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes’s gutter cleaning service call our office now on 0800 019 2416.