By Mr. D-C - Great Gransden, Bedfordshire on 20/07/2016

“Thank you, Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes, we’re so glad that the cause of the flooding in our garage has been treated. You have saved us considerable worry and expense.”

Mr. D-C. – Great Gransden

We recently attended a call-out to a property in the village of Great Gransden near Bedford. The garage of the property had been flooded a number of times during recent rainfall and despite having tried to clear leaf debris from the gully in front of the building it remained blocked.

Once at the property the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians accessed the drain from a nearby manhole and used high-pressure water jets to break down and clear the blockage.

In order to ensure that the entire run was clear the drain was jetted with high-pressure water through to its connection with the main drain and then washed down and tested.

Before leaving the site a push-rod CCTV camera was used to ensure that the treatment had been successful. No faults were found leaving the customer relieved to know that the gully was now working properly and would protect the garage from further flooding.

The Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technician also recommended a gutter cleaning appointment to ensure that the problem did not reoccur due to debris from the roof gutters washing down and blocking the gully again.

At Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes we understand the importance of carrying out a thorough job on all our call-outs and will always test our work to check that we haven’t missed anything that might affect the issue we were called to treat. It’s all part of the service.

The Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes office would be pleased to arrange a planned visit to your property to check that your gullies and guttering are in good condition and to advise of any maintenance needs if applicable.

We also offer a bespoke range of CCTV surveys that can be tailored to meet your requirements. Call our office now on 0800 019 2416 and rest assured that your plumbing and drainage needs are in the best possible hands.