By Mr. H. - Biggleswade on 03/06/2016

“Please thank the team of technicians that fixed our blocked roof drain and guttering. They were very professional and made sure that they kept the site safe whilst they worked. Highly recommended!”

Mr. H. – Biggleswade

During recent heavy rains experienced in the Bedford area we received a call from Mr. H. of Biggleswade, who found that his roof drains couldn’t cope with the volume of water that they were collecting.

Water was cascading over the guttering which would have caused significant damage to the property if left. An efficient guttering system will protect buildings from problematic damp issues so it is vital that gutters and associated drains are properly maintained.

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians were quickly dispatched to the site. The first attempt to clear the blockage was made using high pressure water jets, which operate at 3,000 psi. This restored a partial flow to the system but further investigation with a remote CCTV camera found roots blocking the drain below.

Following a discussion with the property owner, we recommended that the blocked section of gully be excavated and repaired with a cured in place liner, which once installed, forms a watertight and permanent seal.

Stu Brock, Manager of Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes said “All our vans are fully equipped to deal with the majority of call-outs on the first visit, and we were able to complete the job at Mr. H’s property without delay. At Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes we insist on the very highest standards of work and achieve unrivalled levels of customer satisfaction as a result.”

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