By Mr & Mrs W - Sandy on 12/05/2016

“We would like to thank Drain Doctor Bedford for fixing our broken water pipe last week. The staff worked quickly and were very helpful. We shall be sure to recommend you.”

Mr. & Mrs. W. - Sandy, Bedfordshire

Every call received by the team at Drain Doctor Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes is treated as an emergency. When we were called by Mr. & Mrs. W. about a flood in their kitchen we dispatched a van as soon as we could. Mr. W. was unable to turn off the mains shut off valve so they were unable to stop the water flowing, which was causing them concern for their property.

On arrival, the priority was to turn off the shut-off valve and drain the cold water system, which the technician managed to do and then worked to identify the cause of the flood.

The failed section of pipework was traced to a plastic end cap behind the kitchen sink, which had burst. It is likely that this was caused by aging of the plastic.

The end cap was replaced with a more durable version and the section was re-tested for leaks. Once our technician was satisfied that the repair was sound he cleaned the area before leaving.

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes is proud to be part of the UK’s largest and most trusted emergency plumbing service. Providing unrivalled customer service is our priority.