By Mr A. - Milton Keynes on 12/04/2018

“When we discovered that rats had got in to our drains we knew there was only one company to call. Thank you Drain Doctor Bedford and Milton Keynes for dealing with the drain repair so efficiently.”

Mr A. – Milton Keynes

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes Plumbing and Drainage received a call from Milton Keynes resident Mr A. who had discovered evidence of rats at his home. The rodents had got in to his kitchen, leaving droppings behind appliances and gnawing through electrical cables.

Mr A. called a local pest control firm and then called Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes after seeking a recommendation of a drainage specialist from colleagues.

Our technicians inspected the drainage system at the Milton Keynes property using push-rod CCTV cameras.

They soon found a section of pipe that had been damaged, probably by local ground disturbance, that had also been discovered by the rats. A small hole, largely hidden by water and waste in the pipe, gave the rats access to the property’s drains.

The CCTV inspection satisfied the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians that this was the only area of damage and that the section of pipe could be repaired using no-dig technology.

The home-owner was consulted about the cost of carrying out the repair and gave the go-ahead for it to be carried out.

After cleaning out the pipes with high-pressure water jets a length of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining was winched through the drain.

CIPP liners are a thin felt material, coated with resin and a combination of chemicals that react when in contact with water.

Once the dry liner is in position it is filled with water, which causes the resin to bond to the outer pipe. The resin cures in place, forming a watertight seal.

CIPP lining is quicker to use than excavation methods and is a far cheaper option too. It is not suitable for all drain repair jobs but is used wherever appropriate.

All Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in handling all methods of drain repair.

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