By Mrs B - Chesham on 23/02/2016

“I called Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes when I noticed gurgling noises from the drains around our property. The outside drains didn’t seem to be able to cope with waste water fast enough. The technician used CCTV cameras in the underground drains and found that we had a partial blockage due to tree roots.” 

Mrs. B.

We avoided potential flood damage at the property by clearing the roots and installing a pipe lining to the drain run. This was all done without the need to dig up the ground, minimizing disruption to the customer.

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes will always use the most appropriate means to repair or replace a faulty drain, and will provide a free quote for the work we suggest needs to be carried out.

Customers are always clear about the cost up front, and have added peace of mind from the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes guarantee.