By Mrs S. - Leighton Buzzard on 08/12/2017

“Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback following a visit from Drain Doctor Bedford and Milton Keynes. I was left very impressed. The service was very prompt and your technician was professional and quick. His explanations and advice for future maintenance were very helpful. I’m so relieved that the drain is unblocked now. Thank you!”

Mrs S. – Leighton Buzzard

At Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes we are always thrilled to received positive feedback from our customers, particularly when the feedback comes within a couple of hours of our technician finishing a job!

Mrs S. of Leighton Buzzard had called the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes office when she realised that she had a problem with the drains at her property.

The waste water from her kitchen sink was bubbling up in the utility room and took a long time to drain away.

She had noticed a loud gurgling sound from the drain pipes every time the sink emptied but hadn’t realised that this was a sign of a blocked drain.

The Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technician was sent out the same afternoon and quickly arrived at the property. He quickly established the location of the blockage and began work to break it down using high-pressure water jets.

With a force of 3,000psi these jets of water are incredibly effective at clearing blockages and far more reliable than traditional drain rods.

The blockage was accessed from a point further down the drain run so that any water used by the jets could drain away, rather than backing up and potentially causing further problems within the Leighton Buzzard property.

The drain run was then checked using a push-rod CCTV camera to ensure that the blockage had been cleared properly and that there was no residual damage to the pipes.

Finally, the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technician advised Mrs S. that the cause of the blockage was the incorrect disposal of cooking fats and food waste via the kitchen sink.

Fats quickly cool and solidify, gradually building up and eventually blocking a drain. Advice was given about the best ways to dispose of food waste via a kitchen bin and domestic waste collections.

The Leighton Buzzard customer was so grateful that the blocked drain had been cleared and mentioned that she would leave positive feedback for the company.

Another satisfied customer – that’s the Drain Doctor way!