By Mr N - Bedford on 04/08/2017

“Drain Doctor Bedford delivered everything they promised. Our drains were unblocked within an hour, there was no call out charge and the technician was efficient and polite. We will definitely recommend this service.”

Mr N. – Bedford

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians were recently called to a Bedford property that had developed a blocked drain. The kitchen sink had become very slow to clear and unpleasant smells were often noticed.

Having unsuccessfully tried to clear the blockage himself using off the shelf products, the property owner realised that he needed to call a professional drainage company.

The blockage, a build-up of cooking fats and food waste, was quickly cleared and CCTV cameras were passed through the drain to check the condition of the drains and to ensure all the debris had been removed.

At Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes Plumbing and Drainage we don’t deem drain rods to be reliable. Our technicians use high-pressure water jets to clear blocked drains, accessing mains water from road hydrants so customers with water meters don’t need to worry about their bills.

Satisfied that the drains were in good condition and before leaving the property, the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technician gave the customer advice about the correct way to dispose of cooking waste.

Fats, oil and grease (FOG) should be disposed of via the main household waste and food waste on crockery and pans etc. should be scraped in to the bin before being washed.

Many people don’t realise that FOG solidifies on contact with cold water/pipes even when washed away with hot water and can quickly build up to cause a blockage in a drain.

If you think your property has a blocked drain or simply need advice about a plumbing or drainage issue call Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes Plumbing and Drainage on 01234 742900.

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