By Mr W. - Bedford on 07/12/2016

“The service that we received from Drain Doctor Bedford was really thorough. The technician cleared our blocked drain quickly and was really helpful, explaining the issues he found.”

Mr W. – Bedford

Staff from Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes were recently called to attend a property that was suffering from the effects of a blocked drain.

On arrival at the site, one of our technicians jetted the drain system using high-pressure water jets to break down any blockages and clear the pipes. Running at 3,000 psi our water jets are a highly effective method of clearing blocked drains quickly.

Despite this thorough clean, it was clear that there were more serious issues that were contributing to the drain blockage.

Using remote controlled CCTV cameras to inspect the drains, Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians were able to identify a section of the pipe that was running uphill and therefore not working efficiently.

Further downstream the drain run some discarded bricks were found to be causing an obstruction. There was also some root ingress and ponding, where water was collecting due to deformed pipes.

The extent of work required to correct all these issues meant that a quote needed to be prepared at the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes office and sent to the customer for consideration at a later date.

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes Plumbing and Drainage technicians are experts in diagnosing and treating a wide range of blocked drain issues.

We ensure that high levels of staff training are maintained, enabling us to offer a comprehensive range of drain treatment techniques using the latest technology.

For all your blocked drain queries, contact the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes office on 01234 742900 where our staff will be able to discuss your requirements with you.

Thank you for calling Drain Doctor.