By Mrs E - Bedford on 04/04/2016

“Thank you Drain Doctor Bedford for giving such excellent customer service when you came to our house last week. The technician sorted out our blocked drain quickly and was ever so polite. He gave us some helpful advice about preventing our drains blocking in the future”

Mrs E.

One of the most common call-outs that we receive in the Bedford area is for blocked drains at domestic properties. Here at Drain Doctor Bedford we are proud to say that we can usually treat and clear a blocked drain within an hour of arriving on site. 

When we were called to attend a gurgling and smelly drain in Bedford our technician quickly found the blockage in the drain run and used a high-pressure water jet to clear it.

A thorough check with a CCTV camera revealed that the blockage had been cleared and the customer was given some simple advice about maintaining an efficient drain system.

Blocked drains can occur for a wide range of reasons, including the buildup of grease and fats from kitchen sinks, hair from showers and baths, trees and leaves in guttering and foreign objects being flushed down toilets. Drain Doctor Bedford manager Stu Brock goes into more detail about the causes of blocked drains here