By Mr W. - Residential Landlord on 27/04/2016

“We were very impressed with the new Guttervac system that you used to clear the blockage from the gutters of our block of flats. The job was completed far more quickly than in the past.”

Mr W - Residential Landlord - Bedford

The Drain Doctor Bedford office recently received a call from a returning commercial customer who reported blocked guttering on a three storey high block of flats that they operated.

The customer knew that there was a problem with moss and debris on the building, and had used our services a number of years previously. He had been putting off the job of having the gutters cleaned again as the ladders and scaffolding used had caused disruption on site and inconvenienced some of his tenants, but couldn’t put it off any longer.

We were delighted to be able to tell the customer about our new Drain Doctor Guttervac gutter cleaning system which enables us to clear gutters from ground level. The customer was very happy to give Guttervac a try and was impressed with the efficiency of the system.

Stu Brock, Manager of Drain Doctor Bedford said “Guttervac is a powerful wet and dry vacuum system that uses telescopic carbon fibre poles to reach heights of up to 12 metres (3-4 storey buildings). It can also be used to reach over conservatories, garages and outbuildings. There is no need for ladders, scaffolding or cherry pickers, meaning the job can be carried out with greater speed and efficiency. With an integrated CCTV camera, our technicians can find and clear blocked gutters from ground level. Customers are shown that the blockage has been cleared and are left without any mess on site as Guttervac sucks all the debris up as it works.”

Drain Doctor Bedford is dedicated to providing customers old and new with the best possible service and constantly strives to offer the latest and most efficient solutions to drainage and plumbing problems.