See inside your gutters from the safety of the ground with Guttervac

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes now uses Guttervac to carry out the majority of gutter clean appointments.

Guttervac affords you the reassurance of being able to see inside your gutters via the boom-mounted CCTV camera.

CCTV images can help technicians to identify repairs that are needed or simply provide evidence that your guttering is clear from blockages.

A further benefit of the Guttervac system is that it can clear gutters to a height of 12 metres, which means that most 3/4 storey buildings can have shining gutters without needing a ladder, scaffolding or powered lift.

This makes our gutter cleaning service fast and means that we will be off-site more quickly, allowing your site to return to normal business operations.

In commercial situations, we would be happy to set up half yearly planned preventative maintenance visits.

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