By Mr. R. - Sandy near Bedford on 14/09/2016

“First class service. Your team worked through the night to repair the drain at our factory to make sure our business wasn’t affected. Thank you, Drain Doctor Bedford and Milton Keynes”.

Mr. R. – Director – Sandy

Having visited an industrial premises in Sandy on a blocked drain plumbing emergency, Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians returned to the site after the business had closed for the day to excavate and repair some damaged pipework.

CCTV images clearly showed that a section of drain had collapsed but the cause was not immediately obvious.

The original blockage had been caused by debris washing down the pipes and collecting around the collapsed pipe. Clearing it would only be a temporary fix.

Arriving at 7pm the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technicians cordoned off the work area and began to excavate the damaged pipe.

Once exposed it became clear that localised ground disturbance had caused the pipework to crack and then collapse.

The length of broken pipe was removed and replaced with new, and the site was backfilled thoroughly, taking care to ensure that the new pipe was properly supported. Once filled, the surface was made good and the site left clean and tidy.

At Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes we are committed to carrying out drain repairs as soon as possible but at a time that is convenient to our customer. Working 24 hours a day enables us to carry out often lengthy excavation based drain repairs without disrupting a business or its customers.

All technicians at Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes are very experienced and highly trained to deal with all types of commercial and domestic drainage and emergency plumbing jobs.