By Business Owner on 22/04/2016

“It is so reassuring to know that we can rely on a friendly, fast and efficient service when we call Drain Doctor Bedford and Milton Keynes. Our recent blocked drain and drain repair was no problem for your staff. Thank you.”

Business Owner – Bedford area

One of the most important factors in our business is that of customer satisfaction. We get repeat custom from clients that are happy with how we deal with their plumbing and drainage problems. Technicians from Drain Doctor Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes recently attended a call out from a regular customer in the Bedford area who had a blocked drain which was causing foul water to back up and pose a health and safety risk on site.

Stu Brock, Manager of Drain Doctor Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes said, “Arriving within an hour of receiving the call-out, our technician quickly found the blockage using CCTV cameras and advised the customer that the problem was due to some old cast iron pipework in the drain run. We cleared the blockage using high-pressure water jets, and provided the customer with a quote to cut out and replace the pipework with new modern piping.”

We returned to the premises later the same week and replaced the pipework, installing a point repair liner to provide a watertight connection between the new installation and existing pipework.

Whilst cast iron pipes have a long lifespan and are still installed in some new builds, they are prone to crack if building foundations move or the ground around them shifts. Compared to modern products such as PVC pipes they are more complicated to replace and therefore cost more in maintenance. It is necessary to replace cast iron pipework via site excavation and they cannot easily be repaired internally, with attempts at descaling often leading to the pipe bursting.

Drain Doctor Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes is proud to be recognized as local experts in drain repair and replacement and always offers competitive prices with unbeatable service.