By Mr N - Residential Landlord on 14/04/2016

“Whenever we have a plumbing or drainage problem we know that we can rely on a fast and efficient service from Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes. When our drains recently became blocked the first call we made was to Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes who provide competitive and reliable service time after time.”

Mr. N - Residential Landlord - Kempston

When we were called out to a returning commercial customer in the Bedford area we quickly diagnosed a fault with the 4” drains at the property. Serving a block of residential flats, the drains had suffered movement due to recent construction nearby, which had caused the drain joints to become displaced. This, in turn, led to root ingress from nearby shrubs which grew towards the nutrient rich water seeping from the pipes. Debris running through pipes caught in the roots, building up over time to eventually create a blockage.

After clearing the blockage using high-pressure water jets, and surveying the drain run with CCTV cameras, we advised the customer that the displaced joints could be repaired using a cured in place drain liner which would provide a watertight seal once more and allow the drains to work correctly.

This repair method is commonly used to treat cracked pipes and displaced joints as it doesn’t require any digging on site and as a consequence means minimal disruption to the customer.
The first sign of a blocked drain that a customer will usually notice is that water flows increasingly slowly away from sinks etc. or that bad smells come back into the property from the drain system. However, in a multi-occupancy building such as a block of flats it can be harder to trace the problem. Your Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technician will usually be able to identify the type of blockage from the way the water behaves during high pressure jetting, and treat it accordingly.

Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes is proud to be the area’s most reliable emergency commercial and domestic plumbing and drainage maintenance company. For commercial customers we recommend one of our Preventative Maintenance Plans which can be tailored to suit your business and will remove any worries about blocked drains or plumbing emergencies.