By Mrs. V. - Bedford on 31/10/2016

“We’re very grateful to your technician for fixing our blocked toilet – a most professional service.”

Mrs V. – Office Manager – Bedford

The Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes office recently received a call from a company in Bedford that had a blocked toilet in its cloakroom. We were able to send a technician later the same morning to deal with the problem.

Our technician quickly established that the toilet was fitted with a macerator and that the macerator unit was not working. Unfortunately, macerators cannot usually be fixed and will require replacement by a professional plumber.

The Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technician was unable to fix the macerator and therefore replaced it with a new unit that was stored on his van. He then tested the system to ensure that the toilet was now working.

Macerator systems are used for pumping waste from a toilet when the toilet cannot be connected directly to a standard waste pipe.

They are designed for light domestic use, usually only installed to create a secondary toilet in a property and have a lifetime of around 15 years. However when installed in commercial premises, with high usage levels they may only last for around 3 years.

Whilst macerators are a useful product that allows the installation of toilets and other appliances away from waste pipes, they are highly sensitive to the substances that are put in them. If the wrong substance is put through a macerator it will jam and block up the outlet waste.

It is advisable to call a professional plumber to attend to blocked toilet problems involving macerators.

All Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes Plumbing and Drainage technicians are widely experienced in dealing with all kinds of macerator unit and will work hard to resolve your blocked toilet quickly and efficiently.