By Mrs D on 03/05/2016

“Our bath and kitchen sink had emptied slowly for as long as we could remember – we thought it must be normal and used an off the shelf drain unblocking gel from time to time. When we started noticing bad smells from the plug holes around the house we knew something must be wrong and called Drain Doctor Bedford.”

Mrs. D – Kempston

On arriving at Mrs D’s property in the Kempston area of Bedford our technician diagnosed a blockage in the foul drain system, which carries ‘grey’ waste water from baths, sinks, dishwashers etc. and also ‘black’ soil water from toilets to the main underground sewer pipe.

The blockage was cleared using high-pressure water jets from lower down the drain run. CCTV cameras were fed through the drain to check the condition of the drain and revealed significant deposits of lime scale build up. We descaled the pipes to leave the foul drain in much better condition and running freely.

The blocked drain had been caused by a buildup of fats and grease from kitchen waste-water that had hardened around clogged up hair from the shower and bath. The problem had occurred over many years, exacerbated by the very hard water in this area, which meant that lime scale had also built up in the pipes.

At Drain Doctor Bedford we will always look for the cause of a blocked pipe, and advise our customers about the options open to them, quoting for all work before we carry it out so that there are never any surprise bills.