By Mrs L - Bletchley on 18/04/2017

“The standard of service that we received from Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes was second to none. We were very impressed with the thorough job that was carried out.”

Mrs. L. – Bletchley

Our technicians were called to attend a house in Bletchley recently. The owner was concerned that the shower and kitchen sink plugholes were clearing very slowly and that they might be getting blocked.

After a discussion with the owner to establish the extent of the problem we cabled the drain run to clear a partial blockage and then tested the drains to check that they were running more efficiently.

Whilst cabling the drain improved the situation, we identified that there was a buildup of grease and sludge within the pipes.

As an added measure we quoted to hydro-scrub the outside drain to remove this to prevent smells and potential future blockages. The owner was happy to pay for this service and noticed an improvement in the situation immediately following treatment.

Following the hydro-scrub procedure, the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes technician advised that the existing kitchen sink and waste-kit was in a poor condition and should be replaced, which the Bletchley resident undertook to do at a later date.

Many households contact the Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes office with blocked drain problems that are caused by the incorrect disposal of food scraps and perhaps surprisingly, the use of soaps, creams and shower products. These items contain fats that combine with other debris in drains and cause a residue to build up over time. Sink, shower and bath traps should be cleaned regularly to reduce the chance of this becoming a more serious issue.

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