By Mr. R. - Bedford area on 08/06/2016

“Fast, efficient and friendly service. We would definitely recommend Drain Doctor Bedford to anyone needing a blocked drain to be sorted in this area. Thank you for helping us out!”

Mr. R. – Bedford

The Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes office recently received a call from a new customer in the Bedford area that reported a blocked drain at his property. A technician was sent to the property and immediately began work to identify the issue.

On first inspection it appeared that a drain was blocked at the rear of the property, however after further investigation our technician discovered that the pumps on the pump pit serving the basement of the property had failed. Water was being removed from the basement but wasn’t being pumped away and this was causing the apparent blockage in the drain system.

The pump system was isolated, enabling the pumps to be removed. Our technician found that debris had found its way in to the system which had clogged the pumps up and was stopping them from working.

After a thorough clean the pumps were refitted and tested. Finally, all the manholes serving the drain system were washed down. The whole system was checked and left in fully working order.

It is essential that pumping systems are well maintained in order for them to work efficiently. Drain Doctor Bedford & Milton Keynes recommends that a regular service visit is booked to ensure that any potential problems can be sorted out before they cause a system to break down. For further information, call our office now on 01234 742900.